Sunday, January 5, 2014

Intros are hard. Expect minor turbulence.

Welcome, welcome, one and all to the foundation post of what will eventually become a fantastic collection of Recipes, Thrifting, Crafting, and the day to day nonsense of two eccentrics. First off, lemmie tell you a little about what ThriftyStitchy is going to a basic sense, of course. ThriftyStitchy is going to be the (only slightly) chaotic catch all of the adventures of myself (Rianne) and my fantastic co-blogger, Lynn.

We are both avid cooks so there will be some tried and true, budget friendly recipes appearing at least once a week. Every now and again, we might toss in some culinary experiment and it's exciting successful (or catastrophic) conclusion. Rest assured, however, every recipe is done on a shoe string budget. So if you're looking for creative recipes that make use of the cheaper, seasonal veggies or creative tricks to stretch meals, or even a good laugh at Dinners Gone Awry, this is your place.

We're also ladies who hate to spend money - though we're nothing so extreme as television couponers or extreme cheapskates - and we have a lot of tricks and secrets to stretch pennies. We'll share the ones that we know work and pass along a few of our other nifty skills, ideas, and practices. Everything from how to save electricity to how to fake marble flooring, as well as some odds and ends, will find it's way here.

Lastly, we're both crafters. Lynn and I both crochet and sew avidly and with enthusiasm. Sometimes we throw glitter and glue and other times it's a mess. Sometimes our crafts turn out to be shining examples of our skills and other times they turn out wonky but with lots of personality. Let's face it, life is not a pinterest board and no one gets it right all the time. It's a journey of learning, refining, and, on occasion, mishaps... And that is half the fun! Expect some quilting from Lynn, some amigurumi from me, some paint, some glitter, and a whole lot more from both of us.

We might sprinkle in some other things as the blog grows (I believe there might be some gardening in the spring?) but, for now, these are our starting points.

Secondly, let me tell you a little bit about us (and give you an idea what else might be cropping up!):

Lynn is a stay at home mom, wife, aspiring cook, quilter, and part time super hero. She not only makes her own soaps and cleaners but she brings home some of the bacon while she does it. She has a flare for finding penny stretchers in both her crafts and in her shopping. If any one has some rabbits hiding in her hat, it's Lynn.

I'm Rianne. I'm an agoraphobe, stay at home wife, aspiring writer, mad scientist cook, crafter, and zen master. I am a 'fix it' fiend, a pattern hoarder, and a bad movie delicatessen. Expect all manner of nonsense - usually with bad jokes on its heels.

That's us in a vague nutshell. We hope to see you Monday, January 6th, when we will serve up our first official ThriftyStitchy post and accompanying shenanigans.


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